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Facebook Places faces the axe

26 Aug 2011 10:27 BST Back
Facebook Places faces the axe
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Facebook has announced that it is phasing out Facebook Places, its mobile application that works in a similar way to location-based social networking site Foursquare.

Like Foursquare, Facebook Places allows people to check in to a location to tell friends where they are and to find out about deals in the area. Facebook is scrapping the feature just one year after its launch. 

Jay Yarrow of Business Insider says: “This looks like a tacit admission that Foursquare is wining the check-in battle, after Facebook failed to crush the upstart despite an incredibly large mobile user base… Now Facebook will have to figure out its own way to get users sharing location data instead of copying Foursquare.”

So, it’s round one to Foursquare, but Facebook is fighting back. The social networking giant plans to replace the ‘Places’ app with a new location-sharing feature. This is part of a revamp of Facebook’s privacy and security settings. 

The new location-sharing feature will allow people to check in and alert people of their location on any device. It can be as broad as a country or as specific as the building a person is in. 

People will need to opt in to activate the location-sharing feature. Once it is on, all of a person’s status updates, posts, photo uploads and so on will be tagged with the person’s location. 

As with the rest of the revamped privacy settings, Facebook started to roll out these location changes on Thursday 25 August 2011.

Posted by 

Neil Turner

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