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Facebook adds adverts to users’ news feeds

11 Jan 2012 12:46 GMT Back
Facebook adds adverts to users’ news feeds
Facebook ads on news feeds

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Facebook has started placing ads within people’s news feeds, so that they appear next to social updates from friends. 

These social ads will start to appear on a limited number of Facebook users’ news feeds in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand from today (11 January). 

Unlike Sponsored Stories, which show up on the right-hand side of the screen, these new ads are called ‘Featured Stories’ so it isn’t obvious that they are paid-for ads. 

Facebook’s ‘Featured Stories’ are similar to Twitter’s promoted tweets but the user has to ‘Like’ the brand or marketer who has created the story before it can appear in their news feed.  

This, explains Facebook, is why it is called a ‘Featured Story’ as opposed to an ad. It is to make it clear seeing to the user that they are seeing content from a person they’ve already chosen to connect to.

Facebook has said that users will only see one ad per day in this area and these stories will not display on mobile devices. 

The Facebook help centre has information about the new featured stories and how users can hide or limit the number of stories they receive by ‘unfriending’ or ‘unliking’ the page that created the story. 

Posted by

Neil Turner

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