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Facebook’s answer to Google+?

09 Sep 2011 10:00 BST Back
Facebook’s answer to Google+?
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Facebook has started testing a new feature that allows users of the social networking site to filter the content they share and receive. 

The new Smart Lists feature will sit within Facebook users’ News Feed and will complement the existing Friends Lists feature.

It will allow social media users to share content with specific friends plus filter the News Feed with content just from specific friends.

Facebook’s guide to the new feature says: “Feed filters make it easy to see a selected set of friend’s updates in one place and share exclusive with them.”

The Smart Lists feature automatically groups friends into categories such as work friends, fellow students or groups based on a geographical location. 

Some industry observers see this as a response to the success of Google+ whose Circles features works in a very similar way. 

A report on the technology website Mashable said that a Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the story. Mashable also featured some screenshots of the revamped Facebook News Feed. 

Posted by

Neil Tuner

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