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EU data watchdog probes Google over privacy

21 Mar 2012 2:40 GMT Back
EU data watchdog probes Google over privacy
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European regulators have given Google until 5 April to answer questions about its new privacy policy

French data watchdog CNIL has sent Google 69 questions, prepared with the cooperation of other European data protection agencies

Questions include how many complaints Google has had since it announced its new privacy policy, what it will do with the data it collects, how long it will store it, while others query the legal justification of the approach. The European watchdog is also questioning the lack of an opt-out mechanism. 

Other areas of concern are how Google will collect data stored on mobile devices, contacts in a person’s address book for instance. CNIL has also included 21 questions about how Google plans to share data with third parties and the legality of this. 

A Google statement on Monday acknowledged the CNIL letter and went on to say: “We are confident that our new simple, clear and transparent privacy policy respects all European data protection laws and principles.”

Google argues that the policy “provides all the information required in Articles 10 and 11” [of the European Data Protection Directive].

Google launched its new privacy policy on 1 March despite requests from CNIL to delay it.

Posted by

Smarayda Christoforou

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