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Email still the number one channel in Europe

22 Jul 2011 3:38 BST Back
Email still the number one channel in Europe

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Two-thirds of UK marketing decision makers rely on email for their online marketing. 

According to eCircle’s European Social Media and Email Marketing Study, email is still the number one online marketing channel across six European countries (the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain).

The study is the third and final part of a series about online marketing, and is based on a survey of marketing decision makers about online marketing, social media and email marketing. The first two parts of the series focused on the views of consumers. 

When asked which types of online marketing they used, 57% of companies said they used email, 48% said they advertised on content pages and 44% said they used social media. 

The majority of companies (75|%) use email newsletters, making this the most common form of email marketing.  But the most effective type of email marketing is sector-specific email.  

The top three objectives of email marketing and social media are the promotion of new products, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Spain and the UK are the biggest users of social media, with 51% and 50% respectively. 

More interestingly, the most common type of advertising in social media is booked online advertising (70%). However, it isn’t popular with users – 40% of people find it disturbing. 

Fan page and brand profiles get a better reception, with 50% of people saying they are interesting. Yet, only 60% use this type of social media marketing. 

When it comes to combining social media and email marketing, three-quarters of those surveyed showed an awareness of social email marketing, but only 30% had used this method. 

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Nicola Carpenter

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