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Email marketing’s consumer approval ratings rocket over past 12 months, research reveals

19 Oct 2011 9:17 BST Back
Email marketing’s consumer approval ratings rocket over past 12 months, research reveals
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Improved segmentation and better targeted content are being credited for the surge in consumer approval of email marketing over the past 12 months, new research published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has revealed.  

According to the findings of the 2011 DMA Email Tracking Study, conducted in conjunction with fast.MAP and Alchemy Worx, the number of consumers reporting that 50% or more of the marketing emails they receive are of interest to them has increased over the past year from one in 10 (9%) in 2010, to one in three (30%) in 2011. Just one in four (24%) of consumers now say that only less than 10 per cent of the marketing emails they receive are of relevance to them – down from two-thirds (64%) of consumers in 2010. 

The study also reveals that consumers are signing up to receive regular emails in ever-greater numbers, with 50% of consumers reporting that they now receive 20 or more emails from brands they trust every week. 

The annual Email Tracking Study surveys 1,800 UK consumers to monitor their perceptions, experiences and responses to email marketing. The study provides insight for marketers by comparing its results gathered in preceding years to highlight new and prevailing trends within the email marketing sector. 

Commenting on the findings, Chris Combemale, executive director of the DMA, said:

“Brands are constantly learning how best to build trust with their customers, which is vital for successful email marketing. The massive rise over the past year in the number of emails that consumers report as being of relevance to them is a direct consequence of improved targeting and segmentation techniques, as well as a greater understanding of the kinds of content that are appealing. This will be a great a boon for business.”  

According to the study 30% of those surveyed considered more than half of the emails they received from trusted brands interesting or relevant to them. Dela Quist, chief executive of email marketing agency Alchemy Worx, said: 

“What this shows is that not all emails are viewed as being equal. In terms of perception consumers give VIP status to email from a brand they trust. Marketers should recognise that email is a very powerful and cost effective way to translate brand equity into clicks and sales”.

Paul Seabrook, chief executive of fast.MAP, commented:

“It’s clear that in the current economic climate, the market for promotional offers has grown as savvy consumers seek out better deals and new experiences.  This, combined with more sophisticated anti-spam protection and an increase in marketers desire to use the medium responsibly, has led to encouraging increases in consumers attitudes and behaviour towards receiving commercial messages in their inbox.”

Click here to access the 2011 Email Tracking Study

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