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Door drops get thumbs-up

14 Jun 2011 9:58 BST Back
Door drops get thumbs-up

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A new study has found that the next generation of marketers recognises the valuable role of traditional door drops in marketing campaigns.

The research, carried out among marketing students at University of Hertfordshire, underlines the role of unaddressed mail in future communications strategies.
Nearly half (45%) of those surveyed said they believe that door drops have a valid role to play in the media mix.

The study by Royal Mail Door to Door also found that over one third (35%) believe that current marketing directors underestimate the value that unaddressed mail can add.

One fifth of the students said they plan to use the door drops in their future campaigns. This is an encouraging statistic for the future growth of door drops, which currently account for four per cent of total media spend.

The Royal Mail study also highlighted the key benefits of door drops as a channel. Respondents identified its ability to deliver product samples directly to the hands of the consumer, reach, and tangibility as its key strengths.

This insight comes after the DMA’s annual door drop facts and figures announced the first annual rise in expenditure on the medium since 2005.

Phil Ricketts, Royal Mail’s head of Door to Door Strategy, marketing and sales, said: “Understanding how the next generation of marketers perceives the marketing mix provides valuable insight into how the media landscape may develop in the coming years. It is clear that their recognition of the tangible and targeted nature of the door drop means that this traditional channel will remain relevant in an increasingly digital age.”

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