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DMA wins PRCA Award

16 Nov 2011 12:08 GMT Back
DMA wins PRCA Award
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and its PR agency Eulogy! have picked up the Crisis and Issues Management Award in the 2011 PRCA Awards.

The DMA and Eulogy! claimed victory in the category for their work in response to the furore resulting from a Panorama special on ‘junk mail’ called Why hate junk mail?, which was broadcast in July. 

The programme came under fire from industry insiders for its perceived editorial bias and repeated inaccuracies that threatened to undermine public confidence in the legitimate advertising mail industry.

Working with Eulogy!, the DMA spearheaded a public relations campaign to put across the industry’s point of view in resulting social media conversations. The consumer press were briefed on the facts about advertising mail to set the record straight. The DMA also forearmed its members with a toolkit to help them deal with concerns raised by their clients arising from the Panorama episode. 

Commenting on the win, Rachel Aldighieri, the DMA’s director of communications and insight, said:

“Winning this award gives us great recognition for our effective campaign to counter negative perceptions of the legitimate, multi-billion pound advertising mail industry. The industry wrongly comes under national media scrutiny for its perceived relation to junk mail. It’s the DMA’s role to counter this wrongful criticism and promote the value of targeted mail to the consumer and business alike.

“Working with Eulogy! is a great fit for the DMA as not only do they know our industry really well and work with many of our members but they also have a passion for the industry that goes beyond their day job.”

Lara Leventhal, managing director of Eulogy!, said:

“I’ve worked with the DM industry now for a decade and never before has it taken such a proactive approach to its defence. We were overwhelmed by the support we received from not just our clients but the whole DM community, from key journalists through to other trade associations such as the Advertising Association. 

“This had the potential to blow up into yet another scathing media attack on “junk mail” like the summer of discontent a few years ago. The fact that we and the DMA managed to keep this out of the national media – despite the best efforts of the BBC Press Office - speaks for itself. I am extremely proud of my team for their role in supporting the DMA’s work to protect and promote the advertising mail industry.”

The DMA recently signed a three-year agreement with Defra to hit a series of tough green targets by reducing annual volumes of unwanted and untargeted advertising mail.

Tristan Garrick, DMA PR manager
Tel 020 7291 3315
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