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DMA welcomes suspension of Royal Mail reversion surcharges

23 Oct 2012 10:21 BST Back
DMA welcomes suspension of Royal Mail reversion surcharges
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has welcomed Royal Mail’s decision to suspend levying reversion surcharges for envelope sealing specifications until April of next year.

The moratorium, which came into effect yesterday (22 October) will see a five-month halt to surcharges being passed to mailing houses for machine-readable mail that fails Royal Mail’s sealing specification checks.

The DMA has led the industry response to the issue of reversions because of its impact on its members operating in the direct mail marketing sector. Royal Mail implemented a three-month moratorium in June after the DMA raised concerns about the practise. The DMA also chairs a working party, which comprises representatives from Royal Mail Wholesale and Royal Mail Retail, Strategic Mailing Partnership, Mail Competition Forum, Mail Users’ Association and the DMA’s Mailing Houses Council. In August the DMA hosted an emergency summit which brought together Royal Mail and industry players to discuss a way forward.

Royal Mail’s announcement followed a letter the DMA sent to its members last week calling upon them to submit evidence of reversion surcharges they had received since the close of the first moratorium in mid-September. The DMA will share the evidence with members of the working party at their next meeting in November.

Mike Lordan, chief of operations for the Direct Marketing Association, said:

"We welcome Royal Mail's decision to reinstate its moratorium on reversions for envelope sealing specifications until next spring.

"The DMA is chairing a working party that's meeting regularly to tackle the issues at hand. Our goal is to seek improvements to Royal Mail's reversions framework to ensure that surcharges are transparent, proportional and fully accountable to an independent appeals process. This extra time should help us to arrive at a solution that’s agreeable to all parties."

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