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DMA welcomes new consumer guide as ‘next step forward’ in protecting telemarketing and mobile sectors

15 Oct 2012 9:02 BST Back
DMA welcomes new consumer guide as ‘next step forward’ in protecting telemarketing and mobile sectors
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has hailed the publication of a new consumer guide for dealing with ‘nuisance calls’ and spam texts as being a welcome step forward in protecting the mobile and telemarketing sectors from the damage caused by companies acting outside of the law.

Ofcom’s Nuisance Calls and Messages Consumer Guide is the first time that information for dealing with all forms of unwanted marketing calls and texts has been made available in one document. Previously, the information was spread across the websites and publications of the various organisations responsible for enforcing the wide-ranging laws concerning call-based and mobile marketing.

Ofcom has produced the guide in conjunction with a host of organisations including the Ministry of Justice, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Telephone Preference Service (TPS), Office of Fair Trading and Citizen’s Advice Bureau, at a time when consumer complaints about unsolicited calls and spam texts have hit an all-time high. According to Ofcom, complaints about unwanted marketing calls have trebled in the recent months with 9,803 complaints lodged in July 2012 alone, compared to 3,212 complaints in December 2011.

Mike Lordan, chief of operations for the DMA, said that the Ofcom guide is good news for the industry:

“The scourge of unwanted cold calls and spam texts represent a great threat to the long-term interests of the telemarketing and mobile marketing sectors. We’ve welcomed recent action taken by Ofcom and the ICO against individuals and companies found to be breaking the law.

“Until now, it’s been difficult for consumers to find the information they need on stopping unwanted calls and texts and who to complain to. This simple all-in-one guide is the next step forward in protecting the industry by building consumer confidence and trust in legitimate mobile and call-based marketing.”

Earlier this month, the ICO announced that it is due to issue its first fines totalling more than £250,000 to two suspected SMS spammers.

Nuisance Calls and Messages Consumer Guide is available via the Telephone Preference Service’s website:

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