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DMA strikes Gold at Awards show

21 Jul 2011 10:38 BST Back
DMA strikes Gold at Awards show

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Founded by publisher Gary Hayslett, Dance Music Authority Magazine (DMA), which was based in Tinley Park, Illinois, served as the voice of the Dance music community, featuring articles, interviews and profiles, with the hottest artists, DJs and remixers; in-depth record reviews; spotlights on clubs on Dance music gear/equipment; and commentary on the genre in general. Like most independently owned publications, DMA thrived on the support of record labels and advertisers, most of them coming from dance music industry and from die-hard fans of the genre. But by 2001 DMA's days would be numbered as several labels and advertisers began to either scale back or fold completely. The continuing effects would result in Hayslett's decision to cease publication in the Spring of 2003. Today, Dance Music Authority continues online on at and is proudly powered by WordPress, where it has become a thriving online community that features the hottest dance parties from around the globe.
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