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DMA launches data protection toolkit for businesses to tackle EU data changes

08 Feb 2013 2:31 GMT Back
DMA launches data protection toolkit for businesses to tackle EU data changes
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) today [8 February 2013] called on senior executives in brands, agencies and suppliers to add their voices to the growing campaign against new EU data reforms that experts have warned could stifle industry growth and innovation.

Addressing an audience of senior marketers at the DMA's Data Protection 2013 conference, the DMA's executive director Chris Combemale told delegates that the industry has reached a crucial window of opportunity for business leaders to persuade UK MEPs to take up their cause against the draft EU Data Protection Regulation.

To support their efforts, Combemale announced the launch of the DMA's online data protection toolkit, the marketing industry's first comprehensive guide to how the Regulation could impact all marketing sectors and how to lobby MEPs.

The DMA has been leading the campaign to lobby EU lawmakers to deliver a balanced Regulation that protects people's rights to data privacy without harming the UK's multi-billion pound direct marketing industry. In January, the EU announced its latest set of proposed changes to the legislation regarding the definition of personal data, limitations on customer profiling, consent to direct marketing and the so-called 'right to be forgotten', which the DMA warned could severely infringe the right of businesses to use data to market their goods and services to consumers.

Speaking after the event, Combemale said:

"Recent DMA research showed that the majority of the industry's senior executives are either unaware or lack understanding of one of the biggest long-term threats to their businesses. In response to this we've launched a toolkit to get to grips with potential changes to data legislation, how this could impact how we do business and how to respond to the threat.

"I ask all senior executives to take the time to log on, read up and write to their MEPs; it will be the best 20 minutes they'll invest this year in protecting the future of their livelihoods."

The conference's keynote speaker, Information Commissioner Christopher Graham also threw his backing behind the call for industry involvement:

“The direct marketing industry has an important role to play in the legislative process. It must focus on good practice and respect consumers. It must also remember that this is the crucial turning point in a long game; while there is a lot more work to do on the Regulation, the industry must engage further with legislators now.”

The DMA's guide to the EU Data Protection Regulation, its impact on the industry and how to lobby MEPs is available at:

Lakruwani Herath-Culley, PR Executive
Tel. 020 7291 3324

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