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DMA and IAB team up to release email marketing ePrivacy Guidance

15 May 2012 12:36 BST Back
DMA and IAB team up to release email marketing ePrivacy Guidance
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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) have teamed up to publish a ‘how to’ guide aimed specifically at email marketers working towards compliance with the revised EU ePrivacy Directive.

The IAB and DMA’s collaboration establishes the principle of transparent communication when informing consumers about the kind of technologies used in email campaigns to monitor response rates.

The DMA and IAB guidance covers approaches to clearly explain to consumers how their data will be used if they agree to receive emails and sets out good practice guidelines on what constitutes acceptable use of cookies and other technologies.

At the heart of the guidance it recommends ensuring that this information is easy to access when consumers agree to receive emails, and is clear and simple to understand. The paper advises on the viability of a number of ways to give consumers informed choices.

Tim Roe, the email marketing representative on the DMA’s Cookie Compliance Working Party and director of data segmentation and email deliverability for RedEye, said that the guidelines are essential reading for email marketers:

“The DMA has produced separate guides on the ePrivacy Directive for website owners and email marketers because of the differences in between each of the media.

“Unlike website visitors, email recipients have already given their permission to use their data for marketing purposes. However, marketers cannot assume that this gives them carte blanche to use their data for all forms of use.

“Trust needs to be at the heart of marketing. Email marketers following our guidance will give their customers the confidence that they understand how their data will be used when they agree to receive emails.”

Clare O’Brien, IAB Industry Programmes Consultant, added:

“Clear and transparent communication will help develop consumers’ understanding of the mechanics of email marketing and it’s benefits. The IAB’s approach to guidance is to strongly encourage all digital marketers to explain clearly what data is collected from consumers and how this is used. This joint initiative with the DMA underlines the strategy and will continue to help develop consumer trust in digital communication methods.”

The DMA-IAB ePrivacy guidance for email marketing can be downloaded for free.

Tristan Garrick, DMA PR manager
Tel 020 7291 3315

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