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Context is key to m-commerce success

25 Jun 2012 4:46 BST Back
Context is key to m-commerce success
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There are more android handsets activated each day (700,000) than there are babies born (300,000). Add to this, consumer willingness to adopt m-payment services such as Google Wallet and Barclays Pingit, and the fact performance marketing agency Affiliate Window believe that 13% of web-based transactions will be mobile by the end of the year, and direct marketers would do well to get their m-commerce strategy in order.

According to a recent report by Forrester Research the key to m-commerce success is context. What’s good to know for 'traditional' direct marketers is while the delivery channel may be different, the same rules apply – give your customers the right message, in the right way, at the right time and you’ll get results.

In the report, eBusiness: The Future of Mobile is User Context, Forrester suggests m-marketers focus on their customer’s situation, preferences and attitudes to guarantee results. Consider where are they located? What likes and dislikes they shared with you or others on other social media networks? How are they feeling?

Armed with this knowledge you can shape you message. Through technology and data you can get your timings and delivery right. Look at when your customers need your message most. Simplify your service. Make it easy for people to do business with you via mobile. Typing information by phone can be awkward so minimise the number steps to purchase and need for manual entry of data. And finally, make it personal, again using knowledge such as past behaviour and location to personalise you message to your user.

There is a consumer cost to the convenience of m-commerce, however, and that is privacy. ‘Your mobile phone will know more about you, than you, your spouse, or your family,’ says Forrester. ‘Your mobile phone will be the device you use to interact with the world around you.’

Will we do it? History suggests we will. Customers are happy to exchange privacy for value and convenience. How many of us thought we would type our credit card details to buy online? Doing the same in the mobile space is just the next step.


Posted by Alison McClintock

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