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Consumers buy brands for pleasure

05 Mar 2012 12:58 GMT Back
Consumers buy brands for pleasure
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Pleasure accounts for almost a quarter (23%) of all consumers’ brand choices, according to new research by Creston Unlimited. 

The research, carried out in conjunction with ICM, revealed that eight emotions drive 83% of all consumer brand purchasing decisions.

It also identifies the powerful exchange that exists between consumer and brand, uncovering the often emotive and intangible drivers that shape buying behaviour on the high street and online. 

Overall, the top three emotions are pleasure, confidence and status. However, there are some interesting differences based on gender, income and life stage:

  • For men, pleasure was also the greatest brand choice driver at 26%, followed by status and responsibility
  • For women, confidence was the greatest brand choice driver at 22%, followed by pleasure, responsibility and status
  • Individuals earning £15,000 or less gain significantly more emotional value from buying brands than the better off
  • Brands are failing to appeal to the wealthiest men
  • Savings remains one of the lowest drivers for the less well off, despite their low income.

“People no longer consume brands; they edit them and their communications, choosing a select number to interact with,” said John Crowther, managing partner at Creston Unlimited. “Differences in women compared to men, and also between consumers at different life stages and income levels is something that brands need to understand and react to if they want to be relevant to today’s consumer.”

Posted by Smarayda Christoforou

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