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Cheryl Cole isn’t the X Factor

22 Aug 2011 3:33 BST Back
Cheryl Cole isn’t the X Factor
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The X Factor launch show had a TV audience of 12 million at the weekend, proving that viewers were not put off by the absence of Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell.

Advertisers haven’t lost their appetite for the show either. Brands including IKEA, Marks & Spencer and TalkTalk have jumped on the X Factor bandwagon for yet another year.

TalkTalk renewed its sponsorship of ITV1’s X Factor in May 2010 signing up to a three year deal said to be worth £20m.

This year sees the return of TalkTalk’s campaign encouraging viewers to upload videos of themselves singing or dancing for a chance to win prizes such as tickets to the X Factor final.

The campaign also integrates social media with a specially created microsite, allowing people to browse the videos and see what their Facebook friends have created.

This year also sees Marks & Spencer come on board as the exclusive fashion partner for the show.

M&S’s autumn/winter collections will be available on the X Factor website in October, which people will be able to view via an M&S branded video player.

The show is also running competitions on a number of multichannel platforms for M&S customers.

With tabloids full of X Factor stories following the weekend launch, there’s no sign that the popularity of this reality show is waning.

Posted by
Sarah Wright

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