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Catalogues drive online sales, says MarketReach research

19 Feb 2013 11:05 GMT Back
Catalogues drive online sales, says MarketReach research
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Catalogues drive website engagement and encourage shoppers to buy online, new research from Royal Mail’s MarketReach has found. 

60% of people go online to make a purchase within a week of receiving a printed catalogue. 

Catalogue users look at more than double the number of pages viewed by the average person per visit (121%) and spend 109% more time on any given website than the average visitor.

Over 70% of consumers keep catalogues in their homes for over a month and 34% for up to a year.

Seven in 10 people spend between five minutes and half an hour reading their catalogues compared with the 11 minutes spent browsing the average retail website.

Over 50% of people find catalogues a convenient way to review products, while more than a third, (36%) say it allows them to compare products before making a purchase.

Managing director for MarketReach, Jonathan Harman, said: "The report shows the harnessing power of physical communications including direct mail and their distinctive ability to engage consumers and drive digital activity. 

"Retailers who overlook the role of catalogues in online shopping behaviour could be missing out on sales. Catalogues drive online sales by creating product awareness, recruiting new customers and building brand loyalty."

Royal Mail launched MarketReach last year to help companies and their agencies get more value from mail.

Posted by 

Smarayda Christoforou

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