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Business leaders prefer printed media

16 Jun 2011 11:30 BST Back
Business leaders prefer printed media

Also in the news

UK senior executives prefer paper-based reading for travel according to a survey by online private jet booking platform,

The survey reveals that 74% of UK business leaders are sticking to traditional methods of receiving news when travelling. Only 26% use a digital device such as an iPad or laptop to read the news on the move.

Adam Twidell, CEO of said: “It’s clear that business leaders like to mix the old with the new. For news on the move, the traditional newspaper is evidently still king.”

This is good news for the inserts market, as the research suggests that third-party leaflets could be an effective way to target this lucrative target market.

It follows another encouraging sign for the inserts market – the latest DMA Inserts Industry Monitor report revealed a return to growth in the inserts market, halting six consecutive quarters of decline.

Posted by Neil Turner

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