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BT to defend new price hikes in direct mail campaign

31 Aug 2011 2:50 BST Back
BT to defend new price hikes in direct mail campaign
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BT plans to pre-empt a consumer backlash to its price hike in December with a direct mail campaign.

In what will be the second price rise of 2011 and the third in 14 months, BT’s residential customers will pay up to 5% more for their landline calls and line rental. 

The September issue of the telecom giant’s customer magazine, BT Update will feature the managing director of customer service Warren Buckley. 

He will explain the price increases and give customers advice on how to save money and reduce their bills. BT also promises to freeze some of its main prices until 2013. 

The magazine will also pre-empt competitors’ attempts to tempt BT customers away by highlighting deals designed to rival those offered by Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk

BT will back this up with a direct mail activity and transactional mail communicating its price increases and money-saving deals. 

The BT price rises are due to take effect on 3 December 2011. 

Posted by

Nicola Carpenter

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