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Brands ride Super Bowl wave

31 Jan 2012 2:05 GMT Back
Brands ride Super Bowl wave
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Brands are hyping their Super Bowl ads ahead of this Sunday’s big game in a bid to boost their impact. 

Coca-Cola has splashed advertising on bus shelters and billboards while Honda and Volkswagen have posted online videos. 

With the average 30-second Super Bowl commercial slot costing $3.5mn, stakes are high. 

Brad Adgate, from marketing agency Horizon Media told USA Today report that by touting their ads early marketers hope to stand out from the game-day commercial clutter. Consumers are hungry to see Super Bowl-related content and welcome these promotions. 

Brands recognise that adding a social media conversation adds value to a Super Bowl ad so they’re taking an integrated marketing approach. 

They are encouraging viewers to create a social media buzz around their ads by tweeting their favourite commercials.

“That’s all free advertising,” as Adgate says. 

And it’s worked in the past. Volkswagen posted a teaser ad on its Facebook page in its 2011 ad, and it was shared more than 676,000 times. The content no doubt helped – it showed dogs barking the Imperial March tune from Star Wars

Posted by 

Smarayda Christoforou

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