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Brands failing to provide customers with ID theft advice

15 Aug 2011 10:50 BST Back
Brands failing to provide customers with ID theft advice
Guarding against identity theft

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Consumers concerned about identity theft are being let down by companies failing to provide them with sufficient guidance on keeping their personal information safe, new research has revealed.

According to the findings of the joint Direct Marketing Association (DMA) / Toluna QuickSurvey poll of 1,000 UK adult consumers, 71 per cent believe that they aren’t given enough advice on how to protect their sensitive identity data by the companies they share their details with, such as when making online purchases.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) of consumers said that being a victim of identity fraud would deter them from sharing their personal data with companies, such as for signing up for e-newsletters.

The study follows the publishing of a free how-to guide for consumers by the DMA in conjunction with Royal Mail on 10 tips to avoid identity theft. The guide can be also used by companies to advise their customers on the important basics of protecting their personal information.

Mark Roy of the DMA’s Data Council and chief executive of the REaD Group said that consumers are aware of the dangers of identity theft but are not always knowledgeable enough to protect themselves.

“Most consumers nowadays are familiar with the problem of identity theft. But they’re always under threat of new means of unwittingly losing their personal data to criminal elements. Companies must support their customers to avoid this happening.”

A free copy of the DMA’s Tips to avoid identity theft can be downloaded here.

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