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Bidding begins for London 2012 ad spots

28 Jun 2011 1:04 BST Back
Bidding begins for London 2012 ad spots

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The digital sale for advertising on the London Olympics official website is now on and sponsors of London 2012 can start bidding for spots.

The sale takes place in two weeks’ time but, since yesterday (27 June), sponsors have been able to bid for advertising spots on the website, mobile applications and other digital properties.

Areas available include the news section, photo galleries, travel information and medal tables on both the Olympic and Paralympic websites.

Initially, there will be a period during which top tier sponsors – for example Coca Cola and Adidas – will get the chance to purchase spots ahead of other sponsors.

Non-sponsors will be subject to strict regulations governing advertising and marketing around the time of the games. The aim is to protect Game sponsors from the kind of ‘ambush marketing’ that was seen at sporting events such as the recent FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Ambush marketing is where a campaign (whether consisting of one act or a series of acts) intended specifically to advertise goods and services within an event zone’.

Other temporary restrictions to advertising during the games include not creating an association with London 2012 unless you are an official sponsor or licencee.

This includes using a specific combinations of words – for example ‘Games’ and ‘London’ or any of the Olympic and Paralympic words, mottos and symbols – ‘Olympic’, ‘Paralympic’ and so on.

Social media is also expected to play a big part in the 2012 Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has just released guidelines on social media, internet and blogging guidelines by athletes.

The rules say: “Postings, blogs and tweets should at all times conform to the Olympic spirit and fundamental principles of Olympism as contained in the Olympic Charter, be dignified and in good taste, and not contain vulgar or obscene words or images.”

And in a further attempt to protect official sponsors, no website URLs will be allowed to contain the words ‘Olympic’ or ‘Olympics’ in the primary domain unless they have been pre-approved by the IOC.

Posted by
Sarah Wright

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