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archibald ingall stretton… creates ‘winning chemical reaction’ campaign for DMA Awards

28 Jul 2011 2:30 BST Back
archibald ingall stretton… creates ‘winning chemical reaction’ campaign for DMA Awards

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Integrated agency archibald ingall stretton… has created a new multi-media campaign for the DMA Awards, the direct marketing industry’s biggest awards programme.

archibald ingall stretton… was awarded the project following its Grand Prix win at the 2010 Awards, for the O2 3D Rugby campaign. It was briefed to create all communications for this year’s Awards, refreshing the brand and capturing the sense of excitement that grabs the winners of the Awards’ 35 categories and the Grand Prix. Elements include direct mail, posters, emails, brochures, table plans and cards. It will also produce the design work for the book of the night, the DMA Annual.

Creative features a visualisation of the chemical reaction, or synapse, that takes place in someone’s brain at the exact moment they win an award. The image is an artist’s impression, based on scientific drawings of the explosion. The lead image, in DMA Awards red, will be used on the DM, with emails and posters featuring alternative synapses. DM copy reads: “This is what winning a DMA looks like inside your brain. It only lasts for .014 of a second. But the memory lasts forever.”

The design work archibald ingall stretton... will supply for the Annual, given out to winners after the Awards ceremony, will feature each category winner and a synapse image, seemingly personalised to show the chemical reaction when each won their award. In a new move, archibald ingall stretton... has also created a letter addressed to agency financial directors, to give information about entering the DMAs directly to the budget controller.

The campaign breaks shortly, starting with a call for early bird registration before the call for entries, which opens in early August.

Mike Colling, chair of the DMA Awards committee, said:

“It’s important to keep the DMA Awards’ branding fresh and exciting, and archibald ingall stretton... has hit the nail on the head with this campaign. Winning a DMA Award is one of the highlights of your career, and they’ve perfectly captured the moment of excitement when you hear your name being read out and your hard work rewarded.”

Steve Stretton, founding partner of archibald ingall stretton... commented:

“Winning last year’s DMA Grand Prix really was like ‘fireworks going off in your head’, as the copy says. What better way to show the moment of euphoria – when your strategy, creative and results combine in one winning moment – than by using the actual chemical reaction. It’s simple and effective.”

Tristan Garrick, DMA PR manager
Tel 020 7291 3315


 Just when we were thinking of entering the awards we got the mailing. Well we are not paying hundreds of pounds to enter if the feel good factor only last 0.014 seconds. There are plenty of other things that we can get excitement for that last a lot longer and doesn’t cost us anything. It may be all that some big agencies care about but small agencies, that have to be careful about what they spend money on, want a lot more than a 0.014 ego boost from entering. Sorry but I think AIS has screwed up. Unless of course the DMA just want egocentric agencies to enter!!

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