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2012’s top emerging marketing trends

10 Apr 2012 12:13 BST Back
2012’s top emerging marketing trends
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Establishing a real, honest relationship with your customers is the key to successful marketing says AccurateLeads. Here, the marketing firm reveals the top marketing practices of successful companies in 2012. 

Authenticity: Many well-known brands are vying for customer’s attention through authenticity. Social media has caused a shift in how people relate to previously well-run and trusted organisations. 

Big brands have put in place a new strategy, communicating who exactly they are, who they work with, what they care about, and what they value. There is no denying the effort of McDonalds, which now reports working with local farmers to produce fresh, quality produce.

Expertise rules: Videos and podcasts are widely used to promote a brand. In 2011 alone, 79% of marketers posted articles, 65% posted blogs, 74% used social media excluding blogs, 58% used case studies, and 63% used e-newsletters, according to a study by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. 

2012 will see branded content move into podcasts, mobile, and digital magazines.

Content curation: Some brands prefer to use diverse sources of information and make this accessible to the appropriate people. It gives brand marketers the opportunity to filter out excess information, organise the information, and add value, while also making it attractive to potential customers.

Experiential marketing: In 2012, photo sharing, social enabling sharing, and local check-ins will allow marketers to partner with content publishers and extend events by focusing on innovative experiential campaigns. Use of QR code technology and radio frequency identification (RFID) allows easy sharing through social media channels.

Gamification: Currently thought to be a $100 million market, M2 Research states this marketing trend will grow to $2.8 billion by 2016. Game design techniques engage the audience by solving problems in realistic situations.

Social media growth through mobiles: Around 40% of Twitter users are mobile, and there are twice as many mobile Facebook users (currently 200 million) than desktop-only users.

Understanding big data: With the massive shift to digital, it is easier to measure the behaviour of consumers, but this creates pressure for marketers in collecting, filtering and interpreting the data to arrive at an effective conclusion.

Crowdsourcing: This effective strategy incorporates the use of consumers to display the marketing message. “Crowdfunding” encourages collective efforts to raise money for specific events or causes, which is then thought to engage potential customers.

As advertising became more technologically driven, a shift occurred, in which consumers desired more of a human factor. Advancing digital mediums are providing a large distribution platform but message conveyance is what is winning over customers. 

Consumers want to develop relationships with the businesses they purchase from and the companies who drive people to engage with their brand will see real results in 2012.

Posted by 

Smarayda Christoforou

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