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Membership information

Membership Information

Better credentials, better resources, better business.

Better join now!

DMA membership is a little like the mobile phone. We all wonder what we ever did without it. DMA members enjoy valuable, tangible benefits that help them do better business.

The accreditation that comes with membership is valuable in itself. (In fact, many tenders actually require DMA membership.) But what really adds value is the free access to a whole range of expert advice and high quality professional resources – services that could normally cost you thousands of pounds.

We want you to get the most out of your DMA membership. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will help you take advantage of all kinds of useful resources, from networking opportunities to the latest research data.

Better profile

When you join the DMA, you become part of the UK’s largest direct marketing trade association. We are at the leading edge of everything to do with DM, from traditional mailings to online and viral campaigns. And as a DMA member you’re there too. We empower you with recognised credentials and a chance to help shape the future of our industry.

Better information

We provide a forum for you to discuss hot industry topics and share ideas, as well as keeping you up to date with developments which may affect the way you do business. You’ll also have the latest data on industry trends and market analysis at your fingertips.

Better compliance

Compliance is a burning issue in today’s litigious world. We can offer you expert advice to help you ensure you are meeting all the requirements of current legislation and achieving best practice.

Better protection

We all know how costly legal services can be. So it’s good to know that DMA membership means not having to worry about access to expertise when you need it. We offer you free, indemnified legal advice which could help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of a long, drawn-out dispute.


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