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Membership means better business

DMA membership is all about better business. And with huge savings on support and resources, it pays for itself many times over. 




DMA accreditation inspires confidence and helps you win contracts. But there's much more to membership than that. We can save you a small fortune on things like compliance advice, legal support, research data and white papers. We also give you a voice, providing a forum for industry issues and engaging with policymakers to make sure they understand your needs.

Membership information

Membership information
If you're in any doubt about the value of being a DMA member and how it can help you do better business, it's worth taking a look at what we can offer. You won't find any vague promises or conditional offers. It's all about real, tangible support and resources that save you money and help your business.

What we do for you

What we do for you
Are you ready to do better business? Joining the DMA gives you credibility, saves you time and money, and helps you avoid mistakes. If you're serious about direct marketing, DMA membership is for you.

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