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RAC Motoring Services

RAC Supercentre
Great Park
Bradley Stoke
United Kingdom
BS32 4QN

Tel: 079 666 00149
Since its foundation in 1897, RAC has been consistently at the forefront in developing motoring services – from introducing uniformed patrols in 1901 and roadside emergency telephone boxes in 1912 right through to the present day when we boast the world’s most advanced computer systems to deal with calls for roadside assistance. RAC members enjoy access to an enormous range of motoring products and services throughout their driving lives, ranging from the familiar and much appreciated roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown to continually updated legal and technical advice and up-to-the-minute travel information. In March 2005, Aviva plc acquired RAC for around £1.1 billion. The acquisition brought together RAC’s powerful brand and customer base with the expertise and leading position in motor insurance of Aviva Insurance. In June 2011, Aviva announced the sale of RAC to the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle group raise money from investors, such as pension funds, which they then invest into private companies in which they see great and unfilled potential. The Carlyle Group have stated that they have bought into an iconic brand with a wonderful customer ethos and feel that they can grow and add value to the business.

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