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Communicator Corp

Thomson House
Groat Market, Newcastle
United Kingdom

Tel: 0191 305 5100
Communicator Corp is a leading global enterprise email management company, providing technology based solutions, strategy and expertise for email communications. Enterprise email management is a solution for all one-to-one and one-to-many communications. Delivering proven cost savings and increased revenues from email marketing to transactional and service messaging. As the world continues to change so do the requirements of businesses and departments that utilise email communications. Communicator Corp has continued to grow through the continual development of the intelligent platform and innovative culture to ensure consistent ‘delivery beyond expectation’. We offer exceptional service, expertise and industry defining technology to a wide range of clients across diverse sectors. Communicator Corp enables clients to manage sophisticated, targeted and relevant communications through the intuitive email and mobile communications platform Communicator®. Our technology and consultancy have consistently set the agenda for the future of email, mobile and other digital communication channels. This has cemented our position as an industry leader and our Consultants and Specialists continue to define industry best practice. Through our expert consultancy and innovative technology, we have developed a strong client base that spans the globe. We currently work with circa 250 clients to deliver digital communications to over 178 countries and in excess of 30 languages which return revenue for our clients in excess of £100 million each year. The unique proposition of expertise and technology ensures Communicator Corp clients maximise their ROI and dramatically improve the customer experience.

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