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Experian Marketing Services

Cardinal Place
80 Victoria Street

Tel: (0) 203 042 4253
Experian Marketing Services provides powerful data and insight, together with the people and technology to act on it. In short, we help clients make better marketing decisions at the right time – taking complex problems and delivering simple solutions. Our in depth marketing expertise in the offline world means we also understand how digital can work with more traditional channels, across social, email, mobile and the web. Our range of products and services helps marketers throughout the entire customer lifecycle – to identify their most valuable customers, to acquire these customers through the right channel, and to ensure companies are continually listening to their audience to maintain optimum and relevant engagement. Our goal is to add tangible value, helping our clients make the right decisions where it matters most. We help companies grow their brand, customer base and overall financial performance, we work with agencies to improve campaign ROI and add value for their clients, and we partner with media owners to maximise the revenue potential of their inventory.

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