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68 Lombard Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 31 20 545 5001
ReMark is a world-leading provider of direct insurance distribution solutions with one focus – maximum value creation. We help insurers, financial institutions and affinity organisations to Acquire, Grow and Retain profitable customers. Our local expertise and global experience has enabled us to generate over € 1 billion in total business value for our partners and clients in over 40 countries. We design and execute direct marketing programmes that establish and drive brand loyalty, increasing the lifetime value and profitability of each customer. Whether acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones or cross-selling to your customer base we can help maximise your return on investment. With ReMark as your business partner you’re in good company. Our marketing experience extends over 28 years, during which time we've partnered over 200 of the world’s leading Banks and Insurers. Recent Awards: Commendation; Most Effective Marketing Campaign in the Direct Marketing category of the 2012 Financial Services Forum Awards. Our Specialties: Product Development, Insurance Marketing via Partnership Channel Distribution, Cross-Marketing, Affinity Marketing, Direct Response, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Loyalty & Retention, Business Innovation.
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