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TBDA Ltd (The Business Development Agency)

Albury Hall
The Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 01483 203 637
Whatever their stage of development, our work focus with clients is to deliver brand connection & profitable sales through available budget deployment effectiveness. We will use highly targeted, persuasive marketing & direct advertising techniques (off-line & on-line/digital) to make your customer communications more relevant, engaging and requested – to build connection and involvement with the people that really matter to your business. Skills include Perception Gap Analysis (for creative / proposition development from insight into why people don’t buy), FeedBak (for tracking critical behavioural triggers), SalesTrak (KPI accountability, cost/benefit analysis, ROI), crm and database management, including ‘single customer view’. Organisations benefiting include Costco, East Midlands Trains, Europcar, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, InterContinental Hotel Group, National Childminding Association, New Covent Garden Soup Company, P&O Ferries, Polycom, Premier Care in Bathing, Regent Inns/Jongleurs Comedy Clubs/now iNTERTAIN/highlight, South West Trains, Viking Direct/Office Depot. Please challenge us on your requirements.
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