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GI Insight

145-147 Scudamore Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 0116 232 1711
GI Insight is a complete data marketing services provider. We specialise in using data to drive customer strategy to ensure maximum revenue, return and growth. We have a proven track record of delivering database marketing and customer loyalty programmes helping clients make additional revenue from their customers in five ways: • Acquiring new customers • Persuading existing customers to spend more • Getting customers to buy more often • Reducing attrition • By encouraging product switching from lower margin to higher margin (retention) Analysis of customer data allows you to understand the current condition of your business and which of these five variables needs to be the priority. Our approach has been successfully applied to both B2C and B2B organisations. We offer a full range of database marketing services on a “pick and mix” basis. These include: • Customer analysis and segmentation • Database design and hosting • Data capture • Campaign execution • Response management • Email and SMS • Microsite hosting As part of GI Solutions Group, we provide a one-stop-shop offering everything from database management to multi channel execution through innovative direct mail, transactional mail, TransPromo, e-mail or SMS. So, you can tailor our individual services to meet your needs or take advantage of our total multi-channel solution. on.

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