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Data Base Factory UK Limited

Unit 4
Pullman Business Park
Pullman Way
United Kingdom
BH24 1HD

Tel: 0870 741 5510
We offer a full range of outsourced / outsourcing contact / call centre and fulfilment services. From inbound customer care to order taking to outbound lead generation, appointment setting and telesales / telemarketing. We offer a fully managed end to end order processing facility including full banking and fulfilment. We can deal with orders via phone, post, email and Internet. Our UK Manager has played an active role in the DMA by sitting on the DMA Contact Centre and Telemarketing Council for the last 9 years (since 2003). We are proud to have helped raise the bar in terms of Best Practice and Quality, by contributing to the "Client Guide to Outsourcing", and both the B2C and B2B "Best Practice Guidelines". We are one of the fastest growing telemarketing agencies in the UK (61% growth 2008 to 2011) and this has been achieved by delivering excellent sales results in tightly regulated marketplaces (typically following head to head tests with our competitors). We are fully FSA authorised and ISO9001 accredited across the whole business. We offer "open book" "cost plus" commercial models where we share our cost base and agree what a fair and reasonable return will be linked to what is important to you.

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