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The Institute of Promotional Marketing

70 Margaret Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7291 7730
The Institute of Promotional Marketing represents the interests of brand owners, agencies and service partners engaged in promotional marketing. Promotional marketing is marketing that changes behaviour, as opposed to pure ‘image’ advertising. Promotional marketing content can be delivered through various channels, including broadcast, print and digital advertising, direct marketing, in-store, experiential, coupons, competitions, value-added and price promotions, and employee and retailer engagement and incentive programmes. Our services: • We promote promotional marketing and its benefits to organisations and to the regulatory authorities. • We run a world-renowned education programme and the UK’s leading promotional marketing awards programme, both of which promote best practice and marketing effectiveness. • We provide a specialist Legal Advisory Service and we promote responsible self-regulation in line with the CAP Codes. • We provide regular social and networking events. We are members of the Advertising Association and are represented on the CAP Code Committee, which writes the rules which govern advertising and marketing in the UK. The Institute of Promotional Marketing was originally formed in 1933, and was until May 2010 known as The Institute of Sales Promotion Limited (ISP).

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