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Pitney Bowes Ltd

Document Messaging Technologies
6 Hercules Way
Leavesden Park
United Kingdom
WD25 7GS

Tel: 01753 848200
Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies delivers shareholder and customer value by providing high volume mail and messaging companies with the most comprehensive, leading-edge, integrated mail, and document management solutions. The mailstream comprises all of the data, systems, hardware, software and services that facilitate the smooth flow of information. By optimising the mailstream for its customers, Pitney Bowes enables them to operate more efficiently, capitalise on market opportunities, and capture new revenue streams. We have transformed our business over the past several years to become the world’s only provider of a comprehensive portfolio of mailstream solutions. The portfolio includes inserting, sorting, software, professional and technical services and solutions to help companies manage their flow of mail, documents and packages to improve communication. Pitney Bowes takes an all-inclusive view of its customers’ operations, helping organisations of all sizes enjoy the competitive advantage that comes from an optimised mailstream.

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