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One Glass Wharf
United Kingdom

Tel: 0117 311 9000
EMO connects brands to networks and networks to customers. We do this because many brands spend heavily to attract prospects only to be left exasperated by poor uptake or a retail network leaking valuable leads. We advocate getting local and network right first before you fill the funnel. In addition to traditional creative functions EMO has media, experiential, social, digital, insight and data teams - all dedicated to activity that changes local behaviour. To implement their outputs a team of Regional Marketing Managers work in the field to continually apply and refine contact plans. Whilst other agencies use geo-demographics to plan activity they don’t produce ultra-local mapping, line-by-line media laydowns and targeted product placements day-in, day-out. Most agencies aren’t set up to work in such a granular way. We also differ in application. Retail is real-time, and customer and client expectation is set accordingly. We know of no other full-service agency that combines strategic planning and an ability to manage ‘next-day-drama’ as comprehensively as we do.

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